Laura Tesoro for Belgium!

This year, the Flemish public broadcaster followed tradition and used a national final to select the representative for Belgium. This year, five artists competed for the top spot and they were:

  • Adil – In Our Nature

  • Laura Tesoro – What’s the Pressure

  • Tom Frantzis – I’m not Lost

  • Astrid – Everybody Aches

  • Amaryllis – Kick the Habit

The guest experts for the final held in AED Studios in Lint were Christer Bjorkman, who is the producer of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden, and Hadise, the Turkish, but Belgian born superstar who also represented Turkey at Eurovision 2009.

After the initial round of voting, which included an international jury vote and televoting, it was clear that Laura Tesoro and Tom Frantzis would then continue on to the Super Final. Coming 3rd was Adil, 4th was Amaryllis and 5th was Astrid.

After the second round of voting, it was revealed that Laura Tesoro will be representing Belgium at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest with the song What’s the Pressure.

Laura is a 19 year old singer and actress, and has starred in popular soap operas, musicals, and also participated on the Voice van Vlaanderen (The Voice of Flanders).

Click Here to listen to What’s the Pressure at Eurosong, and click Here to hear an unplugged version!