‘What the hell, another one for the bucket list” – An Interview with Minus One!

First of all, thanks for sharing some of your time with us!

When did Minus One form as a band? Were you all friends before forming the band?

We were all friends and had worked together in different projects in the past. In 2009 we were all free at the same time and decided to start the Minus One Journey.

 At the time we noticed there was a gap in the live music scene so it worked out well.

Friends that Eurovision together, stay together
Friends that Eurovision together, stay together

Was it always your intention to play original music, or were covers the main focus? What is your favourite song to cover?

Good question because it gives us a chance to tell people what we really do.

 All of us have been and are involved in original projects,which are mainly targeted for international audiences. Personally (Chris J here) i have recorded 8 albums and countless singles and other original recordings. Most recently being with the project “Marianne’s wish” with which we have two studio albums and have done concerts in the USA, England and Greece.

Minus One was until now our “day job”. In the same way that other people work as Lawyers in the day and have a band at night.

In our case we have a cover band to pay the bills. Now of course things are changing and Minus One is transitioning in to an original band and is our main focus.

As for our favourite, we’ve done so many covers that it would be hard to point out just one song, but we can say that the most enjoyable ones are probably the 80’s pop songs.They usually turn out great after we put some Minus One sauce on them!

Could these be the costumes for Eurovision? We're thinking... maybe not!
Could these be the costumes for Eurovision? We’re thinking… maybe not!

When did you decide that you wanted to enter a song into the Cypriot national final for Eurovision in 2015? Was it something spontaneous or a lifelong dream or goal?

Not that we’re being snobbish about it but a lifetime goal it was definitely not!

Being in a band you have countless goals and dreams and they change every couple of years. In this case we were asked if we were interested in participating,

and that night at a local pub over a few fine brews we said, “what the hell, another one for the bucket list”

Minus One 5

What were your initial reactions when you were approached by the Cypriot Broadcaster to represent Cyprus in 2016?

We were really excited about it! Things actually worked out better this way because this year we are better organised and more devoted than we would have been for the 2015 contest. We’re really thankfull to the people of CYBC for trusting us in this!

Ready to Record!
Ready to Rock and Roll!

How did the collaboration with Thomas G:son come about?

It was actually a suggestion that came from the CYBC. They were in  contact with Thomas and obviously the idea was thrown out there.

We thought it was a great idea, we love collaborations and this seems like the perfect occasion.

Could this be another Thomas G:son success?
Could this be another Thomas G:son success?

How will you approach your preparations for Eurovision 2016, and what do you expect to gain from your Eurovision experience?

We are currently getting organised for all the aspects of this journey. There is a lot to do and we don’t want to miss a thing.

We’re getting our team together but the most important at the moment is to get the song recorded. The Eurovision and everything about it will definitely be a hell of a ride, we will live it to the fullest and do the best we can to represent our country in an awesome way. Hopefully we will create a huge fan base along the way also.

An unconventional way to record?
An unconventional way to record?

Lastly, are there any plans to release an album?

We’re working on songs that will be released before and after May. We wont wait for a whole album to be finished before releasing anything, this takes too long. So you can expect new material soon.


Updates on Minus One and their journey to Stockholm! 

Minus one ended up in Sweden a little early…

The song that the band will be taking to Eurovision is titled ‘Alter Ego’ and was recorded in Sweden! A video has also been recorded for the song, and the big reveal will be released on the 22nd of February!

A sneak peak of the Alter Ego film clip! We can't wait!
A sneak peak of the Alter Ego film clip! We can’t wait!

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