Valentine’s Special – Our Top 5 Eurovision Love Songs

It’s Valentines day and we’re celebrating with a loved one (of sorts) – Eurovision, of course! We’ve hand selected five of our favourite love songs, which many of you will know, it pretty difficult considering at least every second Eurovision song IS a love song… Nevertheless, here is our top 5 – make sure to tell us your favourite Eurovision love song in the comments below, or send us a tweet or comment via Facebook!

Coming in at number 5 is Rak Bishvilo, which was sung by Moran Mazor back in 2013. The title of the song translates to ‘Only for Him,’ and although the song was sung in Hebrew (a huge plus in my eyes), the passion comes across in the performance. Our favourite lyric of the song is ‘And thanks to him, I find light in the darkness’ – how deep, how sweet! We think it was a tragedy that this beauty of a love song didn’t make it to the final, but we’re still in love with it!

Song number 4 is actually My Number One. Confused yet? I’m talking about My Number One, the Greek winner from 2005 sung by the superstar Helena Paparizou. This is a more upbeat number, but spreads the love nonetheless. The emotive choruses won over the European public, but with lyrics with ‘You’re my number one, the only treasure I’ll ever have,’ how could you not be won over?! Her performance made us feel like we were her number one, and as a result, many see Helena as their number one.

Number 3 is probably the most Cliché Love Song we could find, and ironically, it’s called Cliché Love Song. This was the Danish song for 2014, sung by Basim, and there’s no prize for guessing what this song is about. With a massive Love banner appearing behind the performers, the message of love was definitely spread across Europe and beyond. As much as we love the upbeat, Eurovision version of this song, we also love the stripped back acoustic version. Either way, we really think this song is worthy of a top 5 position in our list of favourite love songs.

It wouldn’t be a list about love songs without including an Italian song. Coming in at a close 2nd is Il Volo with their 2015 song Grande Amore. Not only did this song absolutely sweep the Italian public off their feet during San Remo, but the entire European (and Australian) public fell for the trio and their song about big love. Sung in the Italian language, there’s nothing more romantic, and it’s hard to not appreciate the emotion of this song.

And our favourite Eurovision love song goes to I Love the Little Things, sung by Matt Monro, who was representing the UK in 1964. The song is timeless, simple, and articulates love perfectly. It’s a song that shows us a just how great love could be just by appreciating the little things. There’s not much else to say, as the song speaks for itself – it’s just a shame that he missed out on winning in 1964, however, he wins on our list, which is almost as good!

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