Bosnia & Herzegovina present Ljubav Je!

Last night the returning nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina presented their Eurovision entry for 2016. The song was presented live for the first time during a special show broadcasted from Sarajevo’s City Hall. The act consists of Dalal and Deen, and features Ana Rucner and Jala, and the song Ljubav Je was composed by Almir Ajanovic.

Deen has previously participated in Eurovision, representing Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004 achieving a respectable 9th place with his song In The Disco. Dalal is a well known R&B singer, as part of the duo Erato with Aida Jasarevic. Ana Rucner is a Croatian cellist who features prominently in the song, and Jasmin Fazlic Jala (or Jala for short) is a hip-hop artist popular in his home country.

Composer of the song Almir Ajanovic spoke about the song, saying ‘This is definitely one of the best songs I wrote so far. But it was a big challenge as we decided to combine five-six genres which seemed impossible to combine.’

Have you heard Ljubav Je yet? What do you think of the song? Let us know down below, and if you support Bosnia and Herzegovina, make sure to vote in our poll, which you can find here.