France has Revealed their act: Amir will go to Stockholm!

After weeks of teasers, the French public broadcaster has announced the act representing them at Eurovision this year, earlier than expected. The teasers had Eurovision fans confused, as one of the ‘clues’ featured a table of makeup, convincing many that France would be sending a female participant, however it is now confirmed that we were all fooled. It’s Amir who will be taking to the Eurovision stage with the song J’ai Cherche.

Amir was not always a professional singer. At first, he was a dental surgeon, however began his music career at the age of 29. He participated in the television show, The Voice in 2014, where he reached the final. His friendly persona and warm voice makes him perfect to represent France this year.

His song J’ai Cherche means ‘I have been looking’, and has English choruses. The song was written by Amir, Nazim Kheled and Johan Errami. The song was released under the Warner Music label weeks ago, and has already become a hit in France, and soon to be a hit in Europe and beyond. He will perform the song live on the 12th of March on the DiCaire show.

Listen to the song below, and make sure to vote for Amir in our poll if you think he can win Eurovision 2016! You can find our poll here.