Bulgaria Releases If Love Was a Crime

A while back, we found out that it would be Poli Genova to represent Bulgaria. Poli represented her home nation back in 2011, with the song Na Inat, however failed to qualify. This year, she is back to win, with the song If Love Was a Crime. Now, we are able to listen to the song and watch the official video, which are linked down below.

The song is a radio-friendly production, written by Poli Genova alongside Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman and Joachim Bo Persson. The team alongside Poli are part of Symphonics and Redfly, which have had joint projects with international superstars, such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson and Britney Spears.

Poli comments on the song, saying, ‘The song is powerful, engaging and casts the one and only universal message – love is above all other circumstances. Love is something we discover everywhere around us and it is a feeling that is an essential part of us. It brings us energy and faith. And we feel exactly the same way, because we know love is what makes us unstoppable. We want this message to reach everyone in this world’

The preview video connects two of the most important projects for the public broadcaster, BNT, both Eurovision and a criminal themed TV series called Undercover. Poli performed her song for the first time during an event for the launch of the fifth and final season of Undercover, which is the most popular project for BNT, with the song being broadcast in 186 territories on four continents.

You can listen to the song down below, and if you think Poli could bring the contest to Bulgaria, make sure you vote for her in our poll, which you can find here.