ManuElla to represent Slovenia!

This year, the Slovenian public broadcaster decided to hold EMA, a national selection. Ten contestants were in the running to earn the right to represent Slovenia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The show was opened by the host of the show Klemen Slakonja, who performed the Slovenian version of the 2015 winning song, Heroes.

The ten acts were:

  1. Anja Baš – What If

  2. Žan Serčič – Summer Story

  3. Anja Kotar – Too Cool

  4. San Di Ego Band – Brez Tebe

  5. D Base – Spet Živ

  6. Regina – Alive In Every Way

  7. ManuElla – Blue And Red

  8. Raiven – Črno Bel

  9. Nuša Derenda – Tip Top

  10. Sebastijan Lukovnjak – Tales Of Tomorrow

Two of the acts have had Eurovision experience before, the act Regina was the participant in 1996, and Nuša Derenda represented the country in 2001.

The first round of voting was decided by the jury, which consisted of well-known names, and included Raay who was half of Maraaya, the act for last year. The jury chose two artists to continue one, ManuElla and Raiven. The second round of voting decided the winner, and was done by the television viewers. TV viewers decided that it was ManuElla who would represent Slovenia!

During the show, there were also some special guests, including Maraaya, who represented Slovenia last year. Also, the 2002 participant for Slovenia, Sestre performed and entertained audiences. Lastly, Lina Kuduzovic, who represented Slovenia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year.

Who is ManuElla?

As a teen, she began singing in different bands, and at the young age of 2016, she performed as a solo artist on the television show, Spet Doma, which is one of the nation’s most popular music programmes.

ManuElla graduated from music school with a focus on piano and accordion, but she also took classes in singing, and bass guitar, making her an all-rounder. Her university degree also qualifies her to be a music producer.

In 2005, she took place in the show Bitak Talentov, and in 2010 she was chosen among the best 100 in a talent show titled Das Supertalent in Germany. In 2012, she attempted to represent Slovenia at Eurovision, however missed out that time around. In 2013, she placed 5th in the festival Slovenska Popevka.

Now, ManuElla is working on her first album which will be in English while also preparing herself for one of the biggest challenges of her life – Eurovision.

Listen to the song down below, and if you think Blue and Red is a winner, make sure you vote for it in our poll, which you can find here!