Montenegro sends The Real Thing for Eurovision

Late last year, we reported that Montenegrin band The Highway would be representing their nation at Eurovision this year, and now we have a song to go along with it. The song is titled The Real Thing, and was written and composed by Skansi, Luka Vojvodic and Maro Market.

The song is loud, and not quite like the rest of the songs being sent to Eurovision this year, and even the writer of the song Skansi says that the guys of The Highway are ‘brave’ to send a song like this, as it’s not the ‘usual’ Eurovision style song.

The members of the band said, ‘We like to work with each other and we are glad that we came up with this song. The Eurovision is an amazing event. We take it quite seriously and we will our best.’

To read more about the band, click here to be directed to our previous post about the Montenegrin act for this year. To listen to the song, click down below, and if you think that the Highway are the Real Thing, make sure to vote for them in our poll which you can find here.