Semi-Final Running Order announced!

After what seemed like an eternity waiting for the announcement, the EBU have given the go ahead for the SVT, the Swedish broadcaster in charge of this year’s contest, to reveal the running order of the semi-finals. As you may recall, a fairly recent change in the contest is that the host broadcaster now decides the running order, rather than be drawn at random chance. This is to ensure the songs are diverse and keep interest in the show on the night.

In the words of Christer Bjorkman, who is the contest producer this year, ‘My goal is to give every song maximum space so it’s surrounded by other songs that make it stand out and shine for three minutes. This also reduces the anxiety surrounding where a country is placed in the running order. Wherever the artist is singing they have a chance to be noticed’

The semi-final and which half a country will perform in is still decided by random draw, which was done back in January. Now, we have a full list of the correct order the songs will be performed in, and here they are!

Semi-final 1

  1. Finland

  2. Greece

  3. Moldova

  4. Hungary

  5. Croatia

  6. The Netherlands

  7. Armenia

  8. San Marino

  9. Russia

  10. Czech Republic

  11. Cyprus

  12. Austria

  13. Estonia

  14. Azerbaijan

  15. Montenegro

  16. Iceland

  17. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  18. Malta

Here’s a recap video from with snippets of the songs in order of their performance.

Semi-final 2

  1. Latvia

  2. Poland

  3. Switzerland

  4. Israel

  5. Belarus

  6. Serbia

  7. Ireland

  8. FYR Macedonia

  9. Lithuania

  10. Australia

  11. Slovenia

  12. Romania

  13. Bulgaria

  14. Denmark

  15. Ukraine

  16. Norway

  17. Georgia

  18. Albania

  19. Belgium

And here’s another recap video of the songs from semi-final 2 in their correct running order.

What do you think of the running order? Which songs will be impacted, and which will benefit from the order they were given?