Junior Eurovision 2019: Sofia Ivanko to represent Ukraine!

Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC have now announced that Sofia Ivanko will represent the nation at the upcoming edition of Junior Eurovision.

A national selection was held, with the participants revealed recently, however the winner was to be decided by a 7 person jury, rather than the public, or a jury-public mix. There were 10 participants in total:

  • Alisa Nota – Noviy den (New Day)
  • Angelina Terennikova – Fly Away
  • Evangelina Zamula – Malyu You (I Draw You)
  • Mariya Tkachuk – Nytochky (Threads)
  • Oleksandr Balabanov – Power to You
  • Oleksandr Zazarashvili – Moia MA (My MA)
  • Polina Pisartsova – My Friend
  • Sofia Ivanko – Koly Zdaietsia (When it Seems)
  • Valeriya Hristyuk – I Will Shine
  • Varvara Kosova – Divo V Rozmayiti (A Miracle in Diversity)

Former Eurovision participant, and jury member, Alyosha spoke on why Sofia was chosen to represent Ukraine, saying,

‘We have decided that Sofia Ivanko would be the best representative of Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year. Why? Because she very much stands out from other participants, she is very special, she has her specific, very expressively emotional character, she is mysterious and there is something about her, not characteristic of other people or other participants. The song needs a little more extra work, and then it will be very cool material, a cool song. I hope that Ukraine’s entry will be highly appreciated not only here, in this room, but also all over the world.’

Sofia is 13 years old and is from the nation’s capital, Kyiv. She loves experimenting with different genres of music, and takes singing lessons as well as plays piano. She also recently participated on the Voice Kids Ukraine and was on Jamala’s team, however did not make it past the battle rounds.

Sofia wrote her competing entry, Koly Zdaietsia for the national selection, with the final version for Junior Eurovision to be presented at a later time.

Listen to the song below: