2016 Reviews – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Deen & Dalal ft. Ana Rucner and Jala

First of all, welcome back Bosnia and Herzegovina! I’m sure most people are happy to see them back, because, well, the more the merrier! This year, the nation has returned with a bunch of artists – Deen and Dalal, featuring Ana Rucner and Jala. The song they will be taking to the contest is called Ljubav Je, and here’s what we think of it…

First of all, the introduction, and the backing music in general is so enchanting but tense, which immediately makes you want to see where the song will go during the 3 minutes. Deen and Dalal take turns during the verse, and blend together during the choruses perfectly. As much as I like Deen’s flamboyancy in this song, I think its Dalal who steal the show with her very soulful voice.

We mustn’t forget the contributions of Ana Rucner and Jala, who I personally think add a whole lot to this song. Obviously you can hear the contribution of Ana, who beautifully brings a transition between chorus and verse. Her addition makes the song feel ethnic and representative of Balkan music, which Jala, who begins his rap just before the last chorus, brings a modern element to the song. We’ve seen rap make its way into a few Eurovision songs in the past, and I can’t think of a time where it’s been as successful as it is in this song. As a bit of a rap connoisseur as of late, I really love the addition of the rap part – it’s short and sweet, and brings a bit of diversity to the song.

The instrumentation as mentioned before is amazing, and the voices are strong, even live they perform to a high standard together. Floating around the internet is a live performance of the song, and I don’t think anyone can criticise their live vocals, and as it’s a song combining voices not usually together, I think they nail it. I think this a very deserving qualifier, and with a classy stage performance like the one in the film clip, I think this has as good a chance as anyone in semi 1.

I really enjoy this song, and I’m going to give it a 10/10. I was going to give it slightly less, but when I think about it, there’s literally nothing I don’t like about this song – and I hope it makes the final so I can vote for it!

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