2016 Reviews – Israel – Hovi Star – Made of Stars

This year, Israel chose to use the format of Rising Star to choose their act, and the winner of that competition was Hovi Star. The song is called Made of Stars, and has recently undergone a revamp. Suddenly, the song has received a lot more attention from fans – but for the right reasons?

The ‘original’ version of Made of Stars was instantaneously one of my favourites. Although slightly average, there was something about this song which sat well in my mind. No doubt at all that Hovi would absolutely slay either version (proved by the pre-party performances), however the original version of the song was a bit more rock influenced, whereas now, that element has been eliminated to reveal a classy ballad.

The team behind the song always knew they were going to revamp the song, and for the sake of Israel qualifying, we are glad they did. As much as I did like the original, I think the new version of the song is more suited to Hovi, as it really showcases his vocal abilities. Speaking of which, Hovi has done a really top job at promoting his song – I don’t think he has missed any promo parties as of yet, but correct me if I’m wrong…. Regardless, the promo of his song is going to make a difference – it already has made a difference. From a country nobody was really paying attention to all that much, to now a country which is probably likely to be one of the top qualifiers in the second semi-final – well at least that’s what I predict.

I think this is a song that can be enjoyed by both the home audiences and the jury, but I can imagine the jury rewarding it more than the televoters – but you never know with these things until they actually happen. The stage performance I can imagine will likely be simple, focusing on Hovi and what I’m sure will be a really fashionable outfit choice. With the right backing singers this is going to absolutely slay on stage, and I think it’s a pretty comfortable qualifier – I’ll be very shocked if it doesn’t!

This has always been one of my favourite songs to listen to out of this year’s songs. The build up to the end really makes this an enjoyable, inspirational and moving three minutes. With all this said, I’m going to give the song a 9/10. (Hopefully) See you in the final, Israel!

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