2016 Reviews- Finland – Sandhja – Sing It Away

As in previous years, Finland elected to choose their song via national final, and this year, another very diverse bunch of artists and songs fought it out to earn the right to bring Finland back to the final. The song the Finnish public decided on was Sing It Away, by Sandhja.

The song begins all mysterious and moody, and builds up to be what is probably one of the most well produced pop songs in the competition this year.  The introduction is absolutely perfect at building up into something you want to keep listening to, and as you keep listening, you are not disappointed. There is enough energy in this song to warrant it being a great opening number, and I can picture the stage performance being as full of energy as the song itself.

Going back to the national final, I was a Mikael girl, 100%. So when I woke up to see this had won, I was crushed for starters, but after listening, I realised that this was the next best thing. If we are comparing their potential results up against each other, I think Sandhja has a better potential result, however both would have been up against tough competition in semi 1, so it’s hard to know. Even now it’s hard to know whether Sing It Away will qualify – not because it’s an average song, because for me it’s most definitely not, but because there’s just so many good songs in semi 1.

Overall, I think this is one of the most modern songs of the 43 we have this year, and I also think this is one of the most severely underrated songs of this year. I’m not sure why this is so, but it deserves way more praise than what it is currently getting. As for the comparisons between Spain’s Say Yay and this song, I do believe this song is a whole lot better in a musical sense – it just has such a professional composition which I’ve really come to appreciate this year.

I think it would be criminal for this song not to quality, and I think her voice is strong enough to grab a very decent spot on the left hand side on the Saturday night – at least that’s what she deserves. First, she has to get enough support during semi 1, which is a challenge for a lot of the artists in that semi.

I’m going to give this 9/10, simply because of how well composed and produced this song is – I just can’t find anything major to fault. If this does qualify, and I sincerely hope it does, I will be backing it in the final.

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