2016 Reviews – Germany – Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost

Take 2 of the German selection (context: they chose internally, then they didn’t, then they had a national final and pretended like they didn’t look foolish) gave us Jamie-Lee Kriewitz with the song Ghost. Jamie-Lee won the latest series of the Voice in Germany, and soon after she was picked for Eurovision – what a year for the young artist!

The vocals begin in the first second – no mucking around here. The song begins all mysterious then we start to get a feel for where the song is going. It starts so promising, then once it reaches the chorus, it becomes a bit flat. I’m really torn because this is a song that keeps getting stuck in my head, even though I find it so flat – but maybe this is what is getting it stuck in my head?

Her voice is obviously very good, and if it wasn’t I’d hypothesise that she wouldn’t have won The Voice Germany. When she hits some of the higher notes, or even just ranges out of the small vocal range of the chorus, it’s clear to see she’s one very talented individual. The backing music is pretty funky and modern, and her voice matches that funkiness. I do think this song is quite modern, and would fit in on the mainstream radio stations.

What’s super cool about this song is that Jamie-Lee brings her own style, vocally, but also visually through her unique fashion taste. I think she will be going with something as out there, like what she was wearing in the national final. It’s completely unique, which is always a good think in Eurovision. However, the overall stage performance we saw in the national final was cool, but I also think that this song sounds a bit more grown up, and in this sense I think that the staging doesn’t quite match for me – her staging, or at least her costume is reminiscent of Dolly Style – but the Dolly Style songs matched the costumes.

Like I said, I’m kinda torn on this one. The more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it, but it’s still not spectacular like the hype around it suggests. At the end of the day, majority of the viewers on the night will be hearing it for the first time, at most, the second time, so I’m not sure it will wow, as I personally think it’s a song that needs to grow on you. Either way I think this will do better than Black Smoke, but that’s not hard to beat.

I’m going to give this a 7/10.

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