2016 Review – Azerbaijan – Samra – Miracle

This year, Azerbaijan internally selected Samra, a young, fresh talent of Azerbaijan with the song Miracle. The song is a Swedish composition, which was apparently submitted into the Swedish Melodifestivalen, however ended up in the hands of Azerbaijan, and we ain’t mad about it.

I’ve personally found Azerbaijan to be pretty hit and miss in previous years, but this year is a definite hit for me. You can pretty much tell this is a Swedish composition straight away, because it’s as good as pop goes. The song is punchy, and sassy, and has everything a song needs to get stuck in the heads of the audiences.

The song is fast paced, and immediately catches your attention from the first note. Samra’s soulful voice has Christina Aguilera vibes, and it suits this genre so well. The song is quite cliché, and simple in structure, but this is all about the punchy chorus which is going to absolutely slay on stage in Stockholm. This is absolutely the type of song that you can listen to once, fall in love with, and be singing it after only one listen. Even now after listening to it just a few more times (note the sarcasm here, it’s been more than a few, that’s for sure) I just can’t get bored of this song, and that can only be a good thing.

The ONLY downfall to this song, is the risk of it being TOO vocally challenging. At the end of the day, Samra doesn’t have the experience of someone like Christina Aguilera, and judging from the promo parties, Samra doesn’t offer the best vocals, but we have to remember that Azerbaijan have produced some cracking songs which have vocally flopped on stage and still ended up with annoyingly good results. I think that when she warms up on stage, ie, after the first chorus or so, she gets a bit more confident. There’s still time to work on it though, so we’ll have to see how she goes in rehearsals.

I think this will be paired with a pretty spectacular stage show, as per usual for Azerbaijan. I’m not really sure what to expect though, so I won’t comment on it. I think with good vocals and a good stage performance this will do really well. Like, top 10 in the finals well. It will very very likely qualify to the final, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t, even with average live vocals.

I’m going to give this song a 9/10 – and it would be a 10/10 if the live performance was just a tiny bit better.

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