2016 Reviews – Estonia – Jüri Pootsmann – Play

This year, Estonia has chosen heartthrob Jüri Pootsmann with the song Play, which last years’ participant Stig Rasta helped write the music and lyrics. The young 21 year old is relatively new to the music scene, but was voted the Best Male Act at the 2015 Estonian Music Awards. The talent is there, but does this song have what it takes to win?

The song Play has the same retro vibe that Goodbye to Yesterday had last year, and has simplicity to it like last year. I don’t think this is a downfall at all, in fact, I think that’s where Eurovision is at now – simple, good quality songs are succeeding more and more each year, so in that sense, Play fits in well.

Jüri’s voice is deep, and charming. The song suits his voice completely, and I think shows off the vocal ability that made him the Best Male Artist in Estonia. The opening of the song is dark and intriguing, making you want to continue listening to the song. From there, the tension builds to the chorus, which is catchy but classy. The last chorus is more powerful than the previous, which makes for a good ending to the song.

Listening to the song now, I realised how much I personally underrated it. I think this is a good song. Being part of semi 1 is tough, but I think this could be a hit with the juries, and the girl televoters for obvious reasons. If this song is paired with a stage performance as classy as the song, this has just as much chance as the other songs to reach the final. I think if it gets an average result, I think it’s more because there are better songs, not because this song is bad.

I think this is a song which will grow on me more after the contest, but for now I think it’s in the same category as songs such as the Czech, Polish or Icelandic songs, for example, where I enjoy the song but it just isn’t quite at the top. This song has potential, so let’s wait and see what it does on the night! I’m giving this a 6/10.

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