2016 Reviews – Sweden – Frans – If I Were Sorry

Sweden’s national selection is arguably the biggest across Europe, with often more Swedish people tuning into Melodifestivalen than Eurovision. This year, the nation selected Frans with the song If I Were Sorry. Amongst many of the fans, this song is a flop, however seems to be very popular outside of Sweden already – and Eurovision hasn’t even happened yet! Here’s what we think of the host country’s song…

If I were Sorry is the definition of a simplistic song. From his voice, to the backing music, this song has little to no variation, however for me, this song is modern, something that would, and will fit on the radio. The song is quite different to what Sweden usually select – that being, quite upbeat pop songs. In one sense, they’re taking a risk in sending a song which is so simple, but a risk worth taking as they’re already in the final – so at the worst, they come last in the final. I don’t see that happening though, even though there are some very mixed opinions.

I personally really like the song. There’s something really soothing about the melody and the tone of Frans’ voice. The lyrics are easy to sing along to, and the performance isn’t overwhelming. The stage show during Melodifestivalen didn’t boast the same modernity when it comes to recent years and their revolutionary stage performances – think of Heroes or Euphoria, for example. The light show behind Frans was ok, but nothing out of this world. I think we can expect a simple show in the Eurovision final, but we will see shortly, in rehearsals.

There is one thing that puts me off this song, or the act in general. OBVIOUSLY I haven’t met Frans in real life, so this is only judging of what comes across on videos, interviews etc, however I feel like he has this arrogance about him that makes me enjoy the song less. I commented on Hungary’s performer Fredde not that long ago, talking about how he seems like a genuine, down to earth person, and that literally all came across within his performance, and Frans is the opposite to me. There’s just something about it I don’t like.

Aside from all that, I still enjoy the song, and I think it has potential to reach top 10, however have a slight feeling it might be pushed out by better songs. I’m going to give it an 8/10.

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