2016 Reviews – Belgium – Laura Tesoro – What’s the Pressure

After an extremely successful act last year in Eurovision for Belgium, the bar was set high for whoever was lucky enough to earn the opportunity to perform this year. After a national final, it was decided that Laura Tesoro would be the act representing Belgium with the song What’s the Pressure.

The song has some disco vibes and at the core is an upbeat pop song which is sure to get people up and dancing. Saying that, I really didn’t enjoy this on first listen. I found the verses to be cringe worthy, and the overall sound of the song to be quite outdated. Since then, it has grown on me, but I’m still a bit so-so. I still don’t enjoy the verses, but once it gets into the pre-chorus and chorus, I can more easily get into the song and enjoy the catchiness of it.

Laura has proved through the national final that she’s capable of pulling this song off when sung live. I think this song and its success or failure will come down to the stage performance. I have seen the rehearsal, but for the sake of keeping all my reviews on even ground, I don’t want to comment too much on it. I will say, it’s exceeding my expectations. Being last in the running order is a huge advantage, because if the song is punchy and memorable enough, people will vote for it.

At first I really didn’t think this had much of a chance to qualify, I thought it was outdated and a bit meh, but as time goes on I’m starting to see the appeal of the song. There is no doubt in my mind that if it does reach the final, there is no way it will reach the heights of Loic from last year, however I think if it qualifies it will end up middle to bottom half of the table. It’s not a bad song, it’s just that other songs are better. As I’ve said many times in these reviews, being a part of semi-2 is a blessing for a lot of the semi-2 artists’ because it’s really anyone’s game.

I’m going to give this song a 6/10.

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