2016 Semi-Final Results! The first 10 qualifiers are…

Warning, this article contains spoilers!

We have (sort of) patiently waited for months for this very day, and now we’re sad to say, yes, it’s over. Eurovision semi-final 1 has taken place in Globen Arena in Stockholm, where we saw 18 acts take to the stage, with only 10 surviving.

Here are the 10 acts who have qualified to the final:

  • Azerbaijan

  • Russia

  • The Netherlands

  • Hungary

  • Croatia

  • Austria

  • Armenia

  • Czech Republic

  • Cyprus

  • Malta

It was an incredible show, with 18 strong acts, so we are all sad to see 8 miss out on the chance of continuing the Eurovision journey! However now we wait for semi-final 2, where another 18 acts will take to the stage to compete for the last 10 places in the final. Today’s qualifiers, plus the semi 2 qualifiers will join the Big 6, which are Spain, UK, Sweden, France, Germany and Italy in the final on Saturday night (or Sunday, if you’re Australian).

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