Top 5 Italian Artists We Want At Eurovision!

The Italian music scene right now is hotter than the sun, so picking 5 artists to put in our current top 5 of artists we want to see participate at Eurovision proved to be an incredibly hard task. Out of all the incredible artists who in their own rights could be potential Eurovision winners, we’ve picked who we currently love! Make sure you comment down below who you’d love to see, whether it’s a past participant or a new star!

5. Moreno

When you cross a popstar and a rap sensation, you end up with Moreno. Although small in size (yes, I’ve met him in real life to confirm this information), he has a big, infectious personality which would bring so much energy to the Eurovision stage. Due to release another album soon, the song aren’t likely to fit the guidelines of being published after September, however we wouldn’t want to rule him out. Moreno has participated in the Sanremo Song Festival before, so there’s nothing to say we won’t see him again soon…

Here’s Prova Microfono, one of his major hits, and definitely the most infectious and energetic! This would have been pretty great on the Eurovision stage, well, at least, we think so!


4. Alessio Bernabei

Alessio Bernabei originally acted as lead singer for the band Dear Jack, but has since broken out as a solo artist. Apart from being a teen heartthrob, Alessio is pumping out some really catchy pop songs. Alessio would definitely be a fan favourite with the younger audiences of Eurovision, as that’s the kind of vibe he gives. His music is simple, catchy pop, which we know has done well at Eurovision. He has also participated in Sanremo, so his future in Eurovision could be imminent, who knows!

Here’s our fave, a song called Noi Siamo Infinito. A summer hit!

3. Elodie

Elodie is a relatively new artist on the Italian music scene, but with the voice that she’s got, we think she will have a great future ahead of her. With her pink hair, Elodie grew to fame on the show Amici, and was signed to Universal. Her voice has such a beautiful tone, and her music has a soulful feel to it. We think Elodie would slay on the Eurovision stage with either a ballad type song, or an upbeat pop song, maybe something a little like this…

This is Amore Avrai off her debut album:

2. Rocco Hunt

Oh Rocco Hunt. So much love for the rapper from the South who looks scarily exactly like a teddy bear. His music does range from real rap rap, to poppy rap, and it’s the poppy rap we would LOVE to hear on the Eurovision stage. Similar to Moreno, Rocco brings an energy to his performance, and we think it comes from the passion of the topics he sings about. Many of his songs are commentary on Italian society, and he chooses to sing in Napolitano dialect, which would also be pretty cool to hear on the Eurovision stage. We think this could be a successful adaption of relevant rap music on the Eurovision stage, just because of how catchy it is!

Here’s Wake Up, the song used to participate in Sanremo 2016 (this would have totally popped on stage, but now that’s a bit of a distant dream *cries*)

1. Annalisa

This certainly isn’t the first time Annalisa’s name has been thrown around in the Eurovision world, and we think this is for good reason. Her voice is probably one of the best in Italy at the moment, and her music never fails to impress us. We’ve listened to her newest album, and we think some of the songs could have been winners of Eurovision (See below). She’s participated in Sanremo a few times now, so maybe next year, or in the coming years, we can finally see her on stage, potentially, as a winner.

This is Se Avessi Un Cuore, and this song is absolutely the bee’s knees. That chorus though…