Best of the Bunch: FYR Macedonia

This week, we’ll be looking at the last 10 years of FYR Macedonia in Eurovision – from 2006 to 2015. Their first appearance at Eurovision was in 1998, however had previously made an effort to enter the contest two years before this, however failed to qualify from the pre-selection round.

Let’s look back on 2006, where Elena Risteska performed her song Ninanajna in both Macedonian and English. This proved to be the most popular Macedonian song yet, reaching 12th in the final with 56 points.

The following year, the nation was represented by Karolina Gočeva with the song Mojot Svet. Again, it was a mix of languages, and it was proving successful, with a place of 14th in the final with a total of 73 points.

In 2008, the nation chose a song totally in English, titled Let Me Love You, performed by the trio of Tamara, Vrčak and Adrian. The song only just missed out on the final, only because the 10th place in the semi-final was decided by the votes of the backup juries. So even though it came 10th, it unfortunately didn’t qualify!

In 2009, a similar result happened, whereby FYR Macedonia achieved 10th place in the semi-final, however was beaten out by the jury contribution. The song Nešto što kje ostane was sung by Next Time, completely in Macedonian.

The following year, the nation was represented by Gjoko Taneski, Billy Zver and Pejčin with the song Jas Ja Imam Silata, which only reached 15th place in the semi-final with 37 points, even after a good vocal performance…

In 2011, FYR Macedonia was hoping to better their results with Vlatko Illievski singing the song Rusinka. The song was again a mix of Macedonian and English which had proved successful in previous years, however not this time. The song ended up in 16th place in the semi-final with 36 points, one less than the previous year.

2012 proved to be one of the most memorable Macedonian performances. Kaliopi, who had previous participated in Eurovision previously in 1996, however didn’t qualify through the pre-selection rounds, was back again. This time around, she was singing a song called Crno I Belo and it was a crowd favourite on the night. It reached the final, and then ended up in 13th place in the final.

The following year, the nation hoped to continue on from the success of Kaliopi by sending pop star Lozano alongside the gypsy queen, Esma. The song was sung in Macedonian and Romani, and was called Pred da se Razdeni. There was previously another song, however from public criticism, the song was changed. Either way, this was not the year for FYR Macedonia, ending up in 16th place with 28 points.

Another year, another hopeful. In 2014, it was Tijana singing in only English. The song was called To The Sky, however it wasn’t to the final. It reached 13th place with 33 points.

The following year, FYR Macedonia chose a national final selection, and Daniel Kajmakoski came out on top. His song was originally in Macedonian, however was (unfortunately?) changed into English. The title was Autumn Leaves, and once again, failed to reach the final with only 28 points.

FYR Macedonia has most definitely not been the most successful nation in Eurovision, but has sent some great songs – and now it’s your turn to pick your favourite! Tell us down below which is your Best of the Bunch, and make sure to vote in the poll!