2016 JESC Reviews – Russia – Sofia Fisenko & The Water of Life Project – Water of Life

Russia has been a fairly consistent participant in Junior Eurovision, with no result since their debut in 2005 finishing outside the top 10. The last, and only win was in 2006 with the Tolmachevy Twins, so 10 years later, could Russia score another win?

This year, Russia is represented by Sofia Fisenko and the Water of Life Project with the song also titled Water of Life. When it was first chosen, I didn’t take much notice of the song, but with the slight revamp of the song, and the addition of three other girls to the group lead by Sofia Fisenko, I couldn’t help but keep pressing repeat on the official video. This song has a bit of everything, it has strong vocals and harmonies, it has a strong melody, and it builds really well over the 3 minutes.

Sofia is no doubt still the star of the show, but the addition of the three others into the group was genius, as it adds so much depth to the song. If performed as well as in the official studio version, there is little that can beat the quality of this song. I think the backing music is quite interesting too, and actually sounds a little bit oriental.

I think the song has some drama and intrigue in it without being over the top, and I hope the stage show can represent that well. For me the trap could be to dress the girls all the same and have some really generic dancing in a circle choreography, as I think this song deserve something more interesting. Russia have had some really innovative visual performances in Eurovision, and I really hope that can be carried through to Junior Eurovision this year.

With that said, for me, this is almost unbeatable. As much as I love some of the other songs this year, I think this is absolutely a top player of the contest this year and would be surprised if this doesn’t win, or at least make the top 5.

This is an easy 10/10.