Guy Sebastian and Dami Im Release New Singles!

Australia has participated in Eurovision twice now, with two of our biggest stars. Guy Sebastian and Dami Im have both taken Europe by storm in Eurovision, and now, both Guy and Dami have released new hits!

Dami Im has given the sparkly ball gowns a miss for her new song, titled Fighting for Love. The song is a dance pop number created once again by the DNA Songs team, Anthony Egizii and David Musumeci, who also created her Eurovision track Sound of Silence.

Regarding her change in style and sound, Dami has said to local news source,, ‘I thought it was time to change it up, upgrade my look and sound. Obviously we had the overseas market in mind for my first release after Eurovision and I work really well with the DNA boys’

The song has now been released in Australia, and is expected to be released in a number of European countries in the following months. Watch the video down below:

Current Australian X Factor judge, and former Eurovision participant Guy Sebastian has also released a new song. His song, titled Set in Stone discusses the pop star lifestyle and the temptations one might face, and how he ‘meets’ someone who is like his wife, but confirms that nothing is like her, and nothing could break them apart.

Despite the lyrics, the song was actually inspired by a tragic crossing of paths with a young boy in Bali, who unfortunately passed away after a tragic road accident. Sebastian was there, holding his hand as he passed away, and after the event he called his wife Jules to her how much he missed her and loved her.

Listen to the emotional track here: