2016 JESC Reviews – Poland – Olivia Wieczorek – Nie Zapomnij

Poland are probably one of, if not, the least successful nations at Junior Eurovision, with two former participations, and out of those two, both were last places, both with a total of only 3 points. It’s not a promising statistic, however this year, after a huge absence, Poland is back with Olivia Wieczorek, who was chosen through a national final to compete with the song Nie Zapomnij. Will Poland continue their losing streak, or is this the year for them to jump straight to the top of the table?

Well, I can semi-confidently say that Poland won’t be at the bottom for the 3rd time out of 3 attempts. Nie Zapomnij is a competent ballad as far as ballads go. It certainly doesn’t bring anything new to the table, although is a nice song to listen to, and acts as a nice break from the upbeat pop entries of this year. No doubt, the best part of this song is the strength in Olivia’s voice, which for the most part reaches all the right notes, even those tough ones at the peak of the song towards the end. For that reason, I think this song will be a hit with the juries.

The staging for this song demands simplicity, with the lights shining on the star that is Olivia. The feel that I get from this performance, and song is vibes of Gaia Cauchi, in the impressive voice, and the white dress Olivia wore in her national final performance. I think this is similar in many ways, and could get high on the results table – and judging by general opinion, this seems to be impressing audiences.

Overall, I think this song has the potential to do well, but for me, just isn’t hitting the spot. I really admire her voice, and think she will slay on stage, but for me, it’s a pass.

I’m going to give it a 6.5/10.