Eurovision 2017 Updates: Will Kyiv Be Ready?

This week, the Reference Group, who is the governing body for the Eurovision Song Contest have met up in the 2017 host country Kyiv to talk about the upcoming contest. The meetings occur regularly, and are a way to ensure that the planning process is on schedule.

Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest commented on this recent meeting saying that definite progress has been made in recent weeks, however host broadcaster NTU still faces a number of challenges in the remaining time before the contest next May.

Some of the challenges that the host broadcaster faces includes the budget, and certain legislations which Jon Ola sand explains as potential hurdles in terms of the organisation of the contest. With a strict deadline, the processes need to continue more swiftly to ensure that the show will reach its potential in May.

After the reference meeting, the delegates were taken to the host arena, the International Exhibition Centre. It has been said that tickets are likely to go on sale in January 2017. Looking into the future, the next meeting will be held in January also, and at this time, the semi-final allocation draw will take place.

Overall, the EBU has said they will work closely with organisers to ensure that the processes are completed in time in order to create Europe’s favourite TV show!