Albania: Festivali i Këngës Final Tonight!

Since Albania debuted in the contest in 2004, the nation has used their long standing tradition of Festivali i Këngës to choose who will fly the Albanian flag at Eurovision. Tonight, the final of the song festival will take place with a total of 14 acts.

Over the last two nights, two semi-finals have taken place with a total of 12 acts each, where the final 14 acts have been selected from. During the first semi-final, a total of 8 participants qualified, and in the second semi-final, the remaining 6 were selected. A professional jury selected 8 of the finalists, 3 were selected by the press and the remaining 3 were selected through televote. This is the first time for Albania to feature public voting during the song festival.

Here is the list of participants still in the running:

  • Dilan Reka – Mos Harro

  • Edea Demaliaj – Besoj në ëndrra

  • Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa Çavolli – Shkon e vjen

  • Flaka Krelani – Osiris

  • Franc Koruni – Macka

  • Genc Salihu – Këtu

  • Lindita Halimi – Botë

  • Lorela – Me ty

  • LYNX – Sot

  • Orges Toçe – Shi Diamanëth

  • Rezarta Smaja – Pse Prite Gjatë

  • Xhesika Polo – Eva jam unë

  • XUXI – Metropol

  • Yll Limani – Shiu

The winner of the final will gain the opportunity to represent Albania at Eurovision next year, however as in previous years, there is no guarantee that the winning song will end up at the contest. In previous years, songs have been changed to English, or alternatively changed completely, but only time will tell what Albania has in store for 2017!

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