Eurovision Union’s Song of the Year!

Picking one song out of thousands of songs we heard this year from Eurovision and national final stars was somewhat of a difficult task. There were some really stand out songs this year, however there was one song which stood out as a musical masterpiece. This artist participated for Belgium in 2015 with the song Rhythm Inside – yes, it’s Loïc Nottet! The song that has captured us is called Million Eyes, and the official video for the song was released on October 27.

The song is different to his Eurovision entry in the way that it’s more haunting rather than upbeat. The song is very dark, mirrored by the video which is entirely in black and white. The song discusses being judged and the feelings and effects associated with having someone taunting you and wanting freedom from the constant cloud of judgement. I think it’s a very relatable, however emotion evoking topic which is expressed well by Loïc.

What hasn’t faded since Eurovision is the incredible voice this young man has, and his ability to really belt out a massive note. His voice is incredibly unique, and I find the best way to describe his tone is raw. He really gives his best when he performs or releases a new song, and I think this is incredibly admirable. Not only is his voice incredible, but this guy can dance. The video of the song is artistically stunning, with Loïc once again showing off his incredible talent for contemporary dance.

Overall, this is a song that didn’t need to grow on us, as it hit the spot upon the first listen. His talent continues to shine and impress us, and we can’t wait to hear more from the young talent. If you haven’t yet heard the song, listen to it down below: