Eurovision Throwback: Treble – Amambanda

Before the Netherlands had their Eurovision renaissance in 2013, the nation sent some interesting songs to Eurovision, including the song we are looking at today for our Eurovision Throwback. We’re taking it back to 2006, where the Dutch were represented by the girl group Treble and the song Amambanda. The interesting thing to point out about this song is the fact that part of the song is in a language totally made up, but is this something worth raving about, or did it deserve to stay in the semi-final?

The song opens super promising, super catchy, and then it hits the verse. I find that the verse loses the momentum, and having the English in the song actually kills the vibe, mostly because it’s all cheesy lyrics that feature very predictable rhymes. There’s a bit of conflict here because I really love the chorus, enough that it’s a melody that sticks in my head, or comes into my head at random times. Like the song, their vocals begin quite promising and then begin to waver as the song progresses, but certainly not reaching a certified cringe moment at any point of the song.

The staging for the song isn’t bad considering the genre of the song, and in a way I’m glad they have instruments to engage with on stage because at least then they aren’t breaking out in strange dance movements. I don’t think they’re in the most flattering outfits but we have to remember that this is 2006, so my expectations shouldn’t be too high.

Overall, this is a song that I do like, and I’m happy to listen to more than once. As for their position in the semi-final, I do think they were ripped off finishing in 20th place out of 23 acts. I do think they deserved to at least get a little closer to the top 10 in the semi final, but it is what it is. I’m definitely not against the imaginary language, as it’s creative and also a language other than English, which is very refreshing.

I’m going to give this a 7/10 – not outstanding, but certainly not bad.

Song Profile

Year: 2006

Artist: Treble

Country: The Netherlands

Song: Amambanda

Final Ranking:  20th in Semi-Final