Hungary: Two Acts Disqualified from A Dal

Late last year we reported on the acts who would be competing in Hungary’s National Selection for Eurovision. Recently, two of the 30 acts have departed from the competition, and have now been replaced by two new acts.

The first of the two acts is Jetlag, who were set to perform their song Keresem a bajt, however have had several disputes with the host broadcaster MTVA over scheduling of shows. A Dal is set to begin on the 14th of January, however the band Jetlag were not able to resolve the issues they had.

The other act which has now been replaced is Szabyest, who was due to perform the song Szerelem kell, however the song was disqualified as it was actually found that the song was actually released before September 1st 2016, which breaks Eurovision rules.

So who have replaced these two acts?

Jetlag were replaced by Chase, who will be singing Dust in the Wind. He originally only just missed out on reaching the top 30, coming 31st in the preselection jury. Chase, whose real name is Csipo Koppany took part in X Factor Hungary recently, where unfortunately he didn’t make it past the audition stage. You can listen to the song down below:

Szabyest has been replaced by the band Rocktenors, who will be singing the song Ősz, which placed 32nd with the preselection jury. Like Chase, the Rocktenors previously participated on the X Factor, where they reached the live shows and ultimately came 6th.

The first semi-final of A Dal will take place on the 14th of January, where a total of 10 acts will perform, and only 6 will qualify to the semi-finals. The results will be decided by a mix of public televote and the jury.