Mor Ve Ötesi release Boxset to Celebrate 20 Years

Turkish rock group Mor Ve Ötesi have released a box set of special edition discs featuring songs released over their 20 year career. Over their history, the band has released no less than 10 albums, with the first album released back in 1996.

The new box set was released late 2016, and was split into three parts. The first part, titled Kayıtlar, featured the bands’ first four albums which were released over the years of 1996 – 2004. This album features the songs from Şehir (‘The City’), Bırak Zaman Askın (‘Let Time Flow’), Gül Kendine (‘Smile at Yourself’) and Dünya Yalan Söylüyor (‘The World is Lying’). The first part of the box set also features one of the newer tracks, titled Anlatamıyorum.

The second part of the box set was released in November 2016, and featured songs off their albums between the years 2005 – 2016. This included the albums Büyük Düşler (‘Great Hopes’), Masumiyetin Ziyan Olmaz (‘Your Innocence Won’t Go To Waste’) and Gunesi Beklerken (‘Waiting for the Sun’). This part of the box set also features other singles such as their 2008 Eurovision song Deli, and their newest single Melekler Ölmaz.

The final part of the box set is titled Diğer Kayıtlar (Other Records) and features 9 tracks, some of which were already featured on the previous part of the box set. The songs are singles released by the band, some of which didn’t directly fit onto an album, or were cover songs.

All three sections as part of the box set feature beautiful artwork done by Hussein.

Mor Ve Ötesi represented Turkey at Eurovision in 2008 with the song Deli (‘Crazy’) and finished in 7th place with a total of 138 points.

Tell us which Mor Ve Ötesi songs are your favourites!