Best of the Bunch: Poland

Poland made their debut at Eurovision in 1994, and has since made 19 appearances at the contest. Out of those 19, Poland has reached the final 13 times, with their best result being in 1994 – their debut year, where they came 2nd. Since 2006, where we start our Best of the Bunch journey today, Poland hasn’t been all that successful, with their best result between 2006 and 2015 being 14th in the final.

In 2006, Poland sent Ich Troje, who had previously participated in 2003 and got Poland’s second best Eurovision result with 7th place. This time around, Ich Troje was joined by Real McCoy and together they performed Follow My Heart, which impressively featured English, Polish, German, Russian and Spanish. Unlike in 2003, the group failed to qualify, just missing out at 11th place in the semi-final.

The following year, The Jet Set were chosen to represent the country with the song Time To Party. Despite the extravagant stage performance and upbeat song, it still failed to reach the final, ending up in 14th place in the semi-final.

In 2008, the party vibes were temporarily on hold while Isis Gee belted out a huge ballad. The song was called For Life, and for the first time since 2004, Poland managed to just scrape through the final in 10th place with 42 points. In the final, she ended up in 24th position with 14 points.

In the next year, Lidia Kopania followed on with the girl power/ballad mix, with the song I Don’t Wanna Leave.  Once again the song was close to reaching the final, however did not have the luck that Isis Gee did the previous year. The song was 12th in the semi-final with 43 points.

Marcin Mroziński was chosen in 2010 to represent Poland with the English and Polish language mix song titled Legenda. The song featured beautiful costumes, and most randomly, apples as props in the performance. The song, like the previous year, just missed out on the final, reaching 13th place in the semi-final with 44 points.

In 2011, Magdalena Tul was Poland’s representative, who was hyped before the contest as one of the potential favourites. Her song was a pop entry called Jestem, sung in the Polish language. Despite the hype, Magdalena sadly gave Poland their worst result in Eurovision history, 19th (last) place in the semi-final with 18 points.

Poland did not participate in Eurovision in 2012 and 2013. *Cries in Polish*

And they’re back! Poland returned with a vengeance in 2014, ready to take on Eurovision with a song that ended up being a fan favourite. It was by Cleo and Donatan, singing their massive hit song My Słowanie – We Are Slavic. The stage performance was a good mix of traditional and modern, and finally made an impact on Europe’s voters. The song was 8th in the semi-final, and in the final came 14th despite a huge amount of public votes.

Lastly, in 2015 Poland continued the success with Monika Kuszyńska, a popular Polish artist who unfortunately had a tragic accident in her past which left her partially paralysed. Overcoming her physical struggles, Monika continued to pursue her career in singing, and performed In the Name of Love on the Eurovision stage. The song qualified in 10th spot in the semi-final, and in the final, reached 23rd place.

And that’s where we finish our journey today! Vote for your favourite Polish entry down below in the poll!