Spain: Internally selected Artists have been chosen + Top 3 Eurocasting

Spain is inching closer to completing the list of competitors for the national final, which will be held in February. You’ll recall that there are two components of the Spanish selection, the first being of 5 internally selected artists, and the other component has come from an online and open selection, which is still ongoing.

The five internally selected artists have been selected and announced. These are the chosen artists:

  • Maika

  • Manel Navarro

  • Mario Jefferson

  • Mirela Cabero

  • Paula Rojo

The last time we reported, there were 10 acts still in the running for the wildcard place in the national final. Now, there are three acts remaining, who are:

  • Fruela

  • Javián

  • LeKlein

The final stage to decide which of these three artists will join the 5 internally selected artists will be taking place on the 12th of January. The winning act will be determined solely with a public vote through TVE’s official Eurovision app and their official website.

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