Germany: Wilhelm Richter Withdraws, Yosefin Buohler to Replace

What’s a German selection without drama? This year, the process seemed to be going smoothly, however today there has been official confirmation that Wilhelm ‘Sadi’ Richter has withdrawn from the national final due to unfortunate circumstances.

Reports circulating state that the singer is due to appear in court. Some reports say he is accused of fraud, while others claim theft. The singer has released a short statement regarding his withdrawal, saying, ‘Reports about me are causing so much trouble, I would first like to clarify and process this. I myself am amazed at what I am accused of. I was totally looking forward to attending, but I would not want to do it under these circumstances and that is why I will not participate on 9th February in Cologne.’

It’s always sad to see someone withdraw, especially under circumstances like these, and judging by Sadi’s statement, this is an issue genuinely causing him problems not only professionally but personally. For reference, this is the voice we’re now missing out on in the national final:

The German broadcaster has announced who will be replacing Wilhelm, and it will be 21 year old Yosefin Buohler. She was born in Cologne, and has an education background in acting and comes from a family of musicians. She was in the final of Das Supertalent when she was only 13 years old, and has also toured with the musical The Ten Commandments. She has also featured on Swedish Idol in the same year that Erik Rapp, former Junior Eurovision star came third, where she made it to the semi-final rounds. She has also performed the German national anthem to more than 50,000 people at the World Cup qualification match between Sweden and Germany in Stockholm, so she’s not shy around big audiences.

The German national final will take place on the 9th of February, where the 5 artists will perform live to earn the right to represent Germany at Eurovision in May.