Germany: Competing songs have been announced!

The German broadcaster NDR have released more details about the upcoming German national final, which will feature 5 young artists. News now coming out has said that two songs will be performed by the 5 participating artists, each with their own arrangements of these two songs.

The first song is called Perfect Life. The song was writted by American songwriters Lindy Robbins, Dave Bassett and Lindsey Ray. Lindy Robbins has produced hits for international stars David Guetta, Demi Lovato and Jason Derulo among others, and Bassett has won a Grammy with a song for the band Halestorm. Lindsey Ray has also worked for Demi Lovato as well as Mariah Carey and has released albums as a solo artists and with her band Farmdale.

The songwriters have spoke about the song, with Lindy saying ‘The song Perfect Life is particularly important to me, because it is about taking risks and going after your dreams – life is an adventure, and the journey is about!’ Lindsey also commented, saying ‘I like the message of this song very much, namely, that one should get involved in the adventure of the unknown and that in the end the ups and downs, that is, both the good and the bad, make a perfect life.’

The other song is called Wildfire, which was penned by Norwegian Marit Larsen, Greg Holden from Scotland and Tofer Brown from America. All three are singer-songwriters and producers. Marit Larsen has also been at the top of the charts in Germany, and Holden has written the debut single for the American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. Tofer Brown has had songs featured on American television shows such as Good Morning America and The Real World.

Tofer has spoken about the song, saying ‘As a songwriter and producer, you work on many songs and hope for the best. Every now and then there is one thing in which one has a feeling in the belly, that it will find its way into the world, Wildfire is such a song. On the day when Marit, Greg, and I wrote it in Brooklyn, New York, we all knew that we had a special piece ahead of us that will have a great life ahead of us.’

So when do we get to hear these songs? They will be made available on the 8th of February, which leads us to the next bit of news from Germany. NDR have announced that they are launcing a new feature to help Germany choose the act, with that being through the official Eurovision Song Contest app, Eurovision Vibes. International fans will get to watch the rehearsals of the acts, and use the app to cast their vote. At 20:15 CET on the 8th, international fans will be able to give their opinions, which will remain open until just before the live national final.

During the National final itself, the hosts of the show will share some of these vibes with the German viewers, which it turn will give German viewers an idea of which song most appeals to a more international audience. On February 3rd, NDR and the official Eurovision website will be revealing more details on how this new feature works.

To recap on who will be performing the two songs, here are the five acts:

  • Axel Maximilian Feige

  • Felicia Lu Kürbiß

  • Helene Nissen

  • Isabella ‘Levina’ Lueen

  • Yosefin Buohler

You’ll remember that Wilhelm ‘Sadi’ Richter was due to take place in the national final, however withdrew recently due to unfortunate reports from the media. To read more about the other four acts, you can read our post introducing the young talent.

The German national final will take place on the 9th of February at 20:15 CET.