Omar Naber to return to Kyiv!

Last week, Slovenia held two semi-finals over the weekend to select their EMA finalists, one of which will be heading to Eurovision in May. Last night, the final took place, and out of the eight acts, returning act Omar Naber won the national final, and will be returning to Eurovision in 2017.

Here are final eight:

  • King Foo – Wild Ride

  • Nika Zorjan – Fse

  • Sell Out – Ni Panike

  • Omar Naber – On My Way

  • Raiven – Zažarim

  • BQL – Heart of Gold

  • Tim Kores – Open Fire

  • Nuška Drašček – Flower in the Snow

The juries placed Omar Naber at the top of their list, and the televoters placed him second, which ended up putting him in a far enough lead that he could not be beaten by second place BQL. Coming in at third was Raiven.

Throughout the show there were a few special guests, including Jamala, who of course won Eurovision last year, as well as ManuElla, who represented Slovenia in last year’s contest. The show also featured Tony Cetinski, who was the Croatian representative in 1994.

This is not Omar Naber’s first Eurovision performance. He represented Slovenia in 2005, which was also held in Kyiv, Ukraine. His song in 2005 was called Stop, and unfortunately the votes stopped coming a little too soon, as he just missed out on the final at 12th position in the semi-final.

Omar began his music career when he was 18 years old, where he did go on to represent Slovenia at Eurovision. Since then, he has released three albums and performed over 900 times in 27 countries. He regularly participates in charity events, and is currently working on another album, which will have the same name as his 2017 Eurovision song, On My Way.

Listen to the song here, and if you love Slovenia’s entry, make sure to vote for Omar in our Eurovision 2017 poll.