Cyprus: Hovig Releases Video Clip for Gravity!

We’ve been waiting a while, a long while, for Cypriot entry Hovig to release his Eurovision song for 2017 titled Gravity. Hovig was the first entry to be announced last year for the 2017 edition of Eurovision, and today his song Gravity has now been published online for Eurofans to listen to!

Gravity was written by none other than Thomas G:son, which got the fans excited, as he has been behind a number of successful Eurovision songs, including Euphoria which won in 2012. This is the second year in a row that Thomas has collaborated with the Cypriot broadcaster, with Minus One working with the esteemed writer last year on their song Alter Ego.

For a few weeks, Hovig has been hinting and teasing bits and pieces of his song on social media, starting off with fans guessing the name of the song through hints and clues. Once the song name was guessed, more teasers were published, including very short snippets of the song, which now we can listen to for the entire three minutes! Like the Austrian song, Eurovision fans got to hear the song first through an unofficial leak, although unlike Austria, it was only a matter of hours and not days.

Watch the video down below, and tell us what you think! If you love Gravity, make sure to vote in our poll.