New Music: Three March Album Releases We Can’t Wait For!

With so many Eurovision and National final artists, it’s only natural that we see albums drop like flies. We’ve noticed three of our favourite Eurovision and National final artists are releasing albums this month, which means our bank account is going to take a noticeable hit. These three artists are on complete opposite spectrums of the musical genre scale, but we’re equally excited for all these albums to drop!

Can Bonomo

Can Bonomo is Turkey’s most recent Eurovision performer, the last before Turkey sadly decided to leave the contest. The unique artist has had a busy and diverse career after Eurovision, extending past the musical realm and entering the world of TV, as well as releasing 2 books and creating art. This new album will he his fourth studio album, and it’s titled Kâinat Sustu. The album is set to be released online on the 3rd of March, and then on March 15th, Can Bonomo will be having a concert to launch his new masterpiece.


Loïc Nottet

This is some seriously exciting news from Belgium, where Loïc is set to release his first album this month. With some incredible songs behind his belt, including Million Eyes which became our Song of the Year for 2016, we are predicting that is album will reach new heights, and launch him into a new realm of popularity. The album is called Selfocracy, and is due to be released on the 31st of March. He has said that the album is going to feature a concept whereby there are different characters and several music videos. We’re excited!



Clementino probably wouldn’t immediately come to the minds of Eurofans, however he’s one of our favourite artists, and has had some catchy songs over the years. He’s participated in Sanremo Song Festival twice now, in 2016 with the song Quando Sono Lontano, and then this year with the song Ragazzi Fuori. His previous album titled Miracolo is definitely worth a listen if you enjoy rap music, and even if you’re not the biggest fan, he has some tracks with a catchy pop beat behind his unique voice. His new album, which is set for release on the 24th of March is called Vulcano, and it’s an album that will be quickly making its way into our collection.


Are you excited for a new Eurovision or National Final star song or album release?