This is Love! Greece has chosen Demy’s Eurovision Entry!

A while back, Demy was internally selected to represent Greece at Eurovision 2017, and three songs were commissioned for the popular Greek artist. These three songs have now been debuted through the Greek national final, and one song has been chosen for Demy through a mixture of televoting and jury points.

The three songs were written by Dimitris Kontopoulos, and he was joined by John Ballard on two of those, and Romy Papadea on another. The video clips for all three were filmed in both Ukraine and Greece. Here are the three songs:

  • Angels

  • This is Love

  • When the Morning Comes Around

The national final also featured Hovig, the Cypriot representative and Sunstroke Project, who are representing Moldova this year with Hey Mamma.

As mentioned above, the voting consisted of jury and public votes. The jury consisted of Greeks of the diaspora, specifically from Belgium, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Armenia, Italy, Australia, Austria and Ukraine. The split was 70% televoting, and 30% jury vote. The winner was declared as This is Love, which won majority of the jury vote.

Listen to and watch all three songs below, and if you support Demy at Eurovision this year, make sure to vote in our poll: