2017 Eurovision Review – Lithuania

Lithuania definitely has to win the award for the longest national final, with a process that lasted for about 3 months longer than it should have. Despite that, at the end, we managed to get a Eurovision song out of Lithuania, and they made the interesting decision to pick Fusedmarc with the song Rain of Revolution. Over the last few years, if you forget about the tragic entry that was Attention, Lithuania does pretty well at Eurovision, and last year they cracked the Top 10 with Donny Montell, so Fusedmarc have some big shoes to fill! Will they be able to do it?

When this song was first selected, I wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about it. It’s quite retro and funky, and the lead singer’s movements on stage were unique and reminiscent of a good ol’ bit of interpretive dance. The song didn’t get too many rave reviews when it was picked, and I could see why, but now as I’ve had the chance to really listen to the song, I’m starting to really feel that revolution. The stand out of this song is her voice, as she really knows how to hit all the right notes while staying really edgy. She has this energy to her that is unlike any other this year, and I think the uniqueness of this song has been underrated so far. At times the song has this gospel feel about it, whilst still keeping it funky, and it’s a sound I’m really growing to love.

As for the staging, I actually really love how they did it in the National Final performance. The only thing I wasn’t convinced of was the outfit she wore, but the graphics and lighting actually looked Eurovision ready, and even the backing singers were amazing at the national final. In that case, I really hope they pack all those backing singers and send them to Kyiv with the duo along with the staging design. Looking back on the national final, I do think this was the package that was Eurovision ready at the national final stage, so I’m hoping they either keep it similar, or if it’s possible, build on the existing staging. Not long to wait to find out!

Overall, this has grown on me an incredible amount. I really like that edgy but yet funky sound they have going on, and it’s a stand out song just out of uniqueness. The vocals are spot on, so for me it’s all the boxes ticked. This has been the real ‘under the radar’ song this year, and I feel like no one has talked about it at all, but I’m here to say that this is pretty dang cool, and I wouldn’t be mad if this qualified to the final. Of course, I have my doubts, but this could be the Georgia 2016 of the 2017 Eurovision season, where nobody expects it, but it happens! It’s an 8/10 for me.

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