2017 Eurovision Review – Switzerland

Switzerland have two varieties of Eurovision acts. Sometimes, well most of the time (recently) they’ve picked shockers. Songs that just don’t make an impact on audiences, and as such don’t get the votes. The other variety is the surprise package, a la Sebalter, where the song is kinda out there, but gains this fan favourite status. Since and including the last time the contest was in Kyiv, Switzerland have qualified for the final a total of four times – not a great statistic. This year, it’s up to Timebelle to change this with their song Apollo. Will we be seeing Switzerland in the final this year?

Well, I really hope so. The Swiss National Final this year really did not impress. With a bad bunch, it was up to the Swiss public to choose the best of a bad bunch, and they really did choose the song with the most potential. Watching the national final version, I’ve realised just how much the song has changed since the revamp, and it was definitely a positive change. I enjoyed the song at the national final level, but the revamped version has this richer sound, and has gained this atmosphere that has lifted the song to a new level. Something so simple as the click of the fingers throughout the first verse is super effective and well thought out, and it just keeps getting better and better from there. The chorus is the star of the show, where Miruna gets to belt out those notes. The bridge of the song is also a highlight, where the song gets stripped back to just her voice, right before it kicks back into the final chorus.

I really can’t wait to see how they stage this. I can personally picture them keeping it quite dark and moody through the verses, and then using yellow light to really highlight the choruses, keeping in line with the vibe they created with their music video, where it’s set with beautiful chandeliers in the background. I also can’t wait to see what Miruna will be wearing on stage, but can predict it’s going to be a stunning dress!

Overall, Switzerland is on the money this year. The revamp really put them in the race to qualify. I wouldn’t say it’s a winner, but it’s the best we’ve seen from Switzerland in a long while. Yes, they’re in a rough semi-final but the more we see live performances, the more I’m thinking this probably has a Top 10 spot in the semi-final (ie, a qualifying spot) in the bag. I think it could have the support of the jury and televote, and I’m feeling good about it. With all that said, I’m going to give this an 8.5/10.

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