2015 Reviews – Iceland – Maria Olafs – Unbroken

Iceland had quite a good national final, and there were a few songs I could have seen on the Eurovision stage. In the end, it was between two of my favourites, and Maria Olafs was the eventual winner. This song had a strong following when first chosen, but the hype has died down a little.

I really enjoyed this song when it was first chosen, but now, the more I listen to it, the more I don’t want to listen to it – if that made any sense. I often find myself skipping it after the first chorus, just because there’s so much repetition. I think her vocals are amazing, and I think the song is good, especially for those who will be listening to the song for the first time.

This song has a similar feel to Only Teardrops from 2013, and that’s why I think it will do well in the final (assuming it qualifies to the final). In this semi-final, I think she will comfortably go through to the final, and I think it will be one of those songs that people will be singing along to, just because the chorus is so easy to catch on to.

Her stage performance will be likely to include some sort of dancers, and I can almost guarantee she won’t be wearing shoes because that’s just the type of song it is. I think this will do what Iceland regularly does, qualify and sit somewhere in the middle on the Saturday night. At one point, I did think this was in the running to win, but now, I don’t think it has the power behind it to steal the win from other, more hyped songs.

I’m going to give this song a 7/10. When it was first picked, it was a lot higher in my ranks, but the love is slowly dying off. I’ll probably still vote for it though….

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