A Celebration of Love: Harel Skaat celebrates a decade of music!

International audiences were first introduced to Israeli performer Harel Skaat back in 2010, when he was selected to represent his nation at Eurovision. His song Milim was heartfelt, but yet powerful, and remains as one of our favourite Eurovision entries of all time.

Aside from his Eurovision appearance, Harel has released an impressive collection of music, including four studio albums released between the years 2006 and 2017, titled Harel Skaat (2006), Dmuyot (2009), Shuv Meushar (2012) and the most recent, a compilation album titled Osef Haasor (2017) featuring his music from over the years.

We’ve been inspired by Harel Skaat’s contribution to music over the last decade, so we’re going to go back and share ten of our favourite Harel Skaat songs. In no particular order, here are our absolute favourites!

I did say no particular order, but we’re starting off with one of my all-time favourites. Achshav was released back in 2013, and features Skaat’s signature smooth and expressive vocals with pop-rock beat and a melody which is hard not to love.

Ve’at was one of Harel’s first releases, and possibly one of his most moving. The song uses orchestral sounds and a tinkering piano in the background to mirror the emotion Harel carries with his incredible voice. The melody in the verses is unique, and it’s one of those songs that is just intoxicating to listen to – an incredible tune.

We couldn’t write about Harel Skaat’s successes without mentioning his incredible Eurovision song, Milim. Harel himself wanted this song to win the national final, where a total of 4 songs were presented by Harel himself, and it’s easy to see why this did win. It’s an incredibly moving ballad, one of those that you don’t need to know what he’s saying to feel the emotion he emits. The song builds beautifully over the three minutes, and the only thing negative about this performance is that he didn’t get a better result at Eurovision! The English and French versions are beautiful as well, but nothing beats the musicality of Hebrew in a ballad like this.

Now, to one of our other personal all-time favourites, which is called Hamea Ha 21, released on his 2012 album titled Shuv Meushar. This is a song I’ve played endless times, and I think it’s the balance between his vocals and the more edgy feel to the music, along with a melody I couldn’t get out of my head, even if I tried.

Tmimuti is the opening song on his second studio album Dmuyot, and our reasons for loving this song are simple and clear. This song is delicate and unassuming, and it gives a chance to feature primarily the guitar paired with his voice. It really sets the tone for what Dmuyot is all about.

Ahava Mesovevet Hakol is one of his newest singles, and features on his newest album release. The song features a more pop dance feel in comparison with his previous work, but at the core it’s another song with a very listenable melody. The chorus is really the highlight of this song, as it’s when it kicks into gear with the dance beat.

Shuv is another song off his second album Dmuyot, and similar in characteristics as the previously mentioned Tmimuti. The orchestral sounds in this song are stronger, and boy does Harel sound good backed by the orchestra.

Mashehu Tov is another song that features on Harel’s third studio album titled Shuv Meushar. The song has an upbeat feel, and like many of his other songs, a catchy melody. A feel-good release worth giving a listen to!

A track after is Tihie Li Ahava, which opens like no other Harel Skaat. It’s another upbeat, feel-good song with a catchy chorus. We love Harel’s sentimental, delicate songs, but on the flip side, we’re always left feeling good after listening to his more upbeat songs.

Last up is Elef, which featured on his second album Dmuyot. His most popular on Spotify, it was hard not to feature the song on this list. It has a darker sound in comparison to some of the other songs off his second album, but his voice lends to this style very well.

And there you have it, some of our favourite tunes from the Israeli icon. Over the years of his career, he has entertained and moved us with his musical ability, so here’s to another 10 years!