Slavko Kalezić wins the Barbara Dex Award!

We could foresee the future with this year’s Barbara Dex Award, and so it comes as no surprise that the Montenegrin superstar Slavko has come out on top. He may not have qualified to the Eurovision Grand Final (much to our dismay), but it was only natural that he wins something other than a place in our hearts.

The Barbara Dex Award is given to the Eurovision star deemed the ‘worst dressed,’ and no act is out of the running! The award is an unofficial award which was originally awarded by the popular fansite House of Eurovision, however will be awarding the Barbara Dex Award from this year onwards. Although unofficial, it’s a critical part of the Eurovision experience!

Coming second was Latvia’s Triana Park with the neon outfits, and third was Martina Bárta from the Czech Republic, who wore what could possibly be described as a tinfoil pantsuit! Slavko is the first male Eurovision act to win the Barbara Dex Award since 2010, where Serbia’s Milan Stanković took out the award.

Slavko is taking the win very graciously, claiming that his performance was to create art and revolution, and he has succeeded in his goals. Do you think Slavko was the deserving winner?

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