Anton Ewald Expresses his Love in New Single L.I.L.Y!

We usually have to wait a while between singles when it comes to former Melodifestivalen participant Anton Ewald, who is now simply going by the name Anton, but when he drops a single, it’s always a cracker of a song. This release is no exception.

His newest release is called L.I.L.Y, which stands for Like I Love You, and it is said that Anton had been working on the song for more than a year. The song is about a love which might be destructive, but a love you can’t get enough of – a situation I’d say most of us have been in!

The song itself has quite a retro pop feel, introduced by the guitar riff at the beginning of the song. At times, his voices takes on this Michael Jackson-esque sound that is incredibly familiar and addictive, and while it has a retro feel about it, the song is still modern enough that it would not be out of place on radios across the world.

This release, along with his previous single Devil are part of a move towards establishing a presence outside of Sweden. Reducing his stage name to Anton was also a move to create a more international image, and if he keeps it up with this quality of pop music, a breakthrough will be imminent.

The music video also embraces the retro vibes, and was directed by Anton’s now wife Victoria Fajardo. The couple, who first began communicating with each other through Instagram, held a small ceremony in Stockholm, which Anton has described as the ‘best day of my life.’

Listen to the new song down below: