Melfest star Axel Schylström surprises us with a new single!

Hands down one of our favourite Melfest songs of this year came from this extraordinary young man, none other than Axel Schylström with När ingen ser. After a few days of hinting about an imminent song release, Axel has now officially released his follow up single titled Tagen på sängen.

Axel continues to show off the Swedish language, and we aren’t mad about it at all. He’s also continued on with the infectious pop vibes in the new song, and although it’s not as dance influenced as his Melfest song, it’s still one you’ll catch us turning the volume up on, and bopping along with!

The Swedish star employed the help of friends and fellow Melodifestivalen 2017 stars Wiktoria and Anton Hagman to help count down to the release day, featuring a number of small clips of the song with Wiktoria and Anton singing the catchy tune from the comfort of their beds!

Listen to the song down below: