Joci Pápai Returns With New Track ‘Özönvíz’

He very quickly became one of our favourites over the Eurovision season with his passion and emotion filled track Origo, and now Joci Pápai has just debuted a new song titled Özönvíz (Flood).

The song features many of the elements we really loved about Origo, including that passion and emotion. Joci has allowed his cultural roots infiltrate through his music, and the result is truly spectacular. He’s a unique artist in the way he performs music in a language you may not understand, but you feel the meaning and emotion through his voice and performance.

The song is yet to be released on Spotify (we hope it pops up soon!) [Update, it’s linked below!] so for now we have his live performance to enjoy. Through the performance, we also see the dancer who performed alongside Joci in the A Dal national selection process as well as on the Eurovision stage.

Watch the live performance here: