Hey Now! Nathan Trent releases Fino A Che Volerò!

He became one of our personal favourites of Eurovision 2017 for not only his smile inducing song, but also his charisma and enthusiasm. Before Eurovision, Austrian representative Nathan Trent did a series of covers of former Eurovision songs and they were simply out of this world. Around the same time, Nathan posted a small snippet of his Eurovision song, Running On Air but in Italian, and of course we wanted more than a snippet, we wanted a full Italian version – and now we have it!

The song, titled Fino A Che Volerò features the signature ‘Hey Now!’ in amongst the beauty of the Italian language, and naturally, Nathan’s incredible voice is demonstrated through the intricate notes, especially in that last minute as the song builds. The song has been released on Youtube thus far, but Nathan has said through his announcement post that the song will be on iTunes and Spotify soon.

Nathan also celebrated a milestone recently, with his first single being released a year ago. The song, ‘Like It Is’ grew on us immensely over the last few months, and we’re loving the interesting musical style that Nathan has displayed through both this and Running On Air. Now, we can’t wait for new music!