4 from 4: Nathan Trent Covers Former Eurovision Favourites!

Since his selection to represent Austria in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Nathan Trent has been busy on the promo scene performing his entry Running On Air. His incredible vocals were shown off at the London Eurovision Party where he performed his entry A Capella, and his energy has been ever present across all his other appearances. Also during the lead-up to his Eurovision performance in the second semi-final, Nathan has been busy recording covers of popular Eurovision songs, and he’s nailed each and every one of them.

A poll took place on Facebook a while back, asking fans which former Eurovision songs he should cover, and over the weeks he has been releasing them through his YouTube channel. His first cover was of Måns Zelmerlöw’s winning 2015 entry Heroes. Changing a song into an acoustic version always seems to sound amazing, but Nathan’s incredible vocals give the song a new life. He takes the song to places that Måns didn’t, and man does Nathan hit all the right notes!

The next cover was of an Italian classic, Marco Mengoni’s simple but beautiful entry from 2013, L’essenziale. Not only is Nathan a talented singer in English, but he knows his way around Italian as well. What’s good to see from Nathan is that he interprets the songs in his own style without imitating the originals, and this is a great example of that.

This week, Nathan released his cover of J’ai cherché, which was originally sung by Amir in 2016 for France, one of the most popular entries of the 2016 season. This might be our favourite cover by this year’s Austrian participant, and it’s easy to see why. Nathan brings an incredible amount of emotion to the song, whilst still nailing the French lyrics.

Update: And he’s back at it! This week the (apparently) last acoustic cover has been released, and it’s of the vocally difficult song I’m Alive, as performed in 2015 by Albanian participant Elhaida Dani. Nathan has definitely done this song justice, as you can hear below:

Please Nathan, do us a favour and keep them coming! Or even better, release a full album of Eurovision covers!

If you’re interested in his 2017 entry Running on Air, he has also done a short cover of his own song, but in Italian! Surprise surprise, it’s pretty amazing – a full, downloadable version of this would go down quite alright with the Eurovision fans!

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