Armenia selects Misha for Junior Eurovision!

The wheels are starting to move for Junior Eurovision now, which is planned for the 26th of November this year – it’s approaching quickly! Armenia is next to select their act for Junior Eurovision, and it is Misha (Michael Grigoryan) who will be heading to Georgia, hoping to bring Armenia another Junior Eurovision win!

The Public TV Company of Armenia (AMPTV) announced that they internally selected Misha, and that his song will be released in the coming months. Misha is only 9 years old, but yet has already achieved so much. He began his journey in music when he was only 4 years old, where he met his future producer, the founder and director of the music group Voices of Artsakh, Lira Kocharyan. Since then, he has participated in a number of international competitions.

In 2015, he released his first music video titled Poqrik Karabakhtsi, which was a song about love and peace, and is still loved across Armenia. Last year he participated at the New Wave Junior competition on behalf of Armenia and he ended up as the runner up with the aforementioned song. In May this year, he appeared at the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity ceremony’s broadcast, where alongside other Armenian performers, sang Ari im Sokhak, a famous Armenian lullaby.

Misha himself enjoys listening to music, reading and watching cartoons. He plays the violin, piano and the drums, and would love to perform with artists such as Robertino Loretti, Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars. He has covered the song Lonely Day by System of a Down, an Armenian origin band, and lead artist Serj Tankian has praised Misha on his cover.