Feature Part 3: Last Minute Info for Eurovision Choir of the Year!

It seems like only yesterday that it was announced that there would be an addition to the Eurovision family of events, but yet somehow it’s already here! It’s the eve of the first Eurovision Choir of the Year, and it’s safe to say that here at Eurovision Union we’re excited to see how it will go down! In the first part of our feature, we’ve discussed more about the contest itself, the general format, whereas in feature two, we gave a more in-depth description of each of the participants this year. Today we’re going through all those last minute things, like how to watch!

What can you expect?

Since it’s the first Eurovision Choir of the Year, things will be pretty new to everyone. What is guaranteed is that it will be spectacular, as all eyes are on the participants of the contest. The show will be broadcast to 12 nations, and streamed live around the world. Jon Ola Sand has commented on the new format of Eurovision, saying, ‘On Saturday you can expect a lot of joy, a lot of good choirs performing and a lot of fun. You can also expect quality. We have a professional panel judging these choirs so it will be a real competition’

The preparations begin!

Throughout the day, the choirs have been rehearsing at the Riga arena, where the live show will be held. Today has been the dress rehearsal, with presenters, judges and the nine participating choirs all taking to the stage to prepare for the inaugural show. Between rehearsing, the choirs are meeting each other, and taking time to explore Riga!

How can you watch?

The contest will be broadcast live on the 22nd of July at 20:00 CEST and will be available on the channels of the participating countries (and if you need a reminder of these countries, you can read more about them here). The show will also be streamed on the official Eurovision Choir channel on YouTube.

Here is the detailed list of broadcasters and their broadcast times:

Live broadcasts

  • Belgium (La Trois) 20:00 local time

  • Denmark (DRK) 20:00 local time

  • Estonia (ETV 2) 21:00 local time

  • France (Arte Culture) 20:00 local time

  • Hungary (M5) 20:00 local time

  • Latvia (LTV 1) 21:00 local time

  • Slovenia (RTV 1) as live

  • Serbia (RTS 2) 21:00 local time

  • Wales (S4C) 19:00  local time

Delayed broadcasts

  • Albania (RTSH 1) 22 July, 21:40 local time

  • Austria (ORF 2) 22 July, 22:50 local time

  • Germany (WDR) 30 July, 07:40 local time

  • Germany (SWR) 5 August, 21:20 local time